Crocheting at 60 MPH

Hello and welcome! I wanted to take an opportunity to welcome you and introduce myself. I am Susie. I put a brief intro on the page. I am a wife to a Soldier, homeschooling mother, and veteran. I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am a homemaker and I do enjoy my “job” very much. I say “job” because being a wife and mother who gets to stay home and explore her passions feels more like a privilege than a job. I crochet all kinds of things. I also sew, bake, and do all kinds of things, but as I said in my about page, we will stick with the crocheting for now. I enjoy crocheting and seeing the joy that the things I make bring people. Call me selfish, but it is what it is. *wink* I love to see children smiling and parents happy knowing that they provided a quality, handmade product for their child. I am a mother so I know what the struggle is like. I know the feelings associated with trying to balance it all.

I started this blog/page (what you call it I am not sure exactly) because people are always asking to see what I make and wanting to buy it. I feel truly blessed in that sense! I only recently started taking photos of my work and sharing them on facebook. Same with twitter and instagram. Once I started using facebook I was faced with the constant limitations despite jumping through all their hoops (that’s really what it feels like!) . I had no trouble with folks liking my page, yet facebook didn’t want to show the people who liked my page the stuff I posted. Seems kind of backwards doesn’t it? People like your page to see your stuff yet facebook decides that they really don’t like it and they don’t really want to see it. Madness!

So yeah, here I am! I am hoping that with this site I can connect with the folks who want to see the things I make, meet new people in this vast place called the internet, and share my passion as I grow. I do thank you for being here! Please go ahead and subscribe to my page, follow me on twitter and instagram, and like me on facebook. If you like what you see, please share my info with your friends and family. I very much appreciate it!


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